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There are a few things in my life that I don't question. For example:
Sometimes you need to you need to call your mother to tell her you love her and not to ask for money or cry.
Sometimes you need to pretend that Dirty Dancing is not your favorite movie. It's a survival skill.
Sometimes you need to eat cupcakes with mini oreos on top.
Sometimes you just need to stop counting, especially when it comes to mini cupcakes.
Sometimes you and your family need to buy matchy matchy shirts and go cheer on Ben Revere... I mean the Twins.
And sometimes you need to go to your favorite place in the whole entire world, to hug your mom, and play Racko with your over dramatic father, and sleep like a starfish in your giant bed, and tell inside jokes with your best friend like you never had to spend a year in different states. Sometimes, you just have to. You just do.