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So Long, Farewell

Tomorrow I leave Vienna to start my Oxford Program.

You guys. My heart is major broken. I love this place. I learned so many things in this place. I ate so many croissants in this place. I made some good friends in this place.  Today I wandered around all of my favorite places in the city. Stephanplatz, Karlsplatz, Naschmarkt, and on my way home an old italian man serenaded our train car (with lyrics that supposedly were funny?). It was like the perfect ending to a perfect week.


Let's real talk about England. London was straight crazy. There is so much commotion. So many people to not run into. So many cookies to eat. 

So logically, to create balance, Eric and I escaped into the countryside of England.

On recommendation of the family we stayed with, we stopped in this little village called Castle Combe. Right there in the middle of town we found an old church and some cake for sale by the side of the road.

We spent the night at an old barn from the 1690's where monks used to stay. This is the view we woke up to in the morning.

It poured the whole time in Bath, but I still couldn't get over how beautiful it is. Also how much of a maze it is. Also, rainy? 

Anyways, my brother has the rest of our photos from Bath, so this is as much as I've got for you. I'm doing my best to organize all my pictures and post things. But I'm also trying to cram in as much Vienna as I can before I head back to Oxford. I'll do my best though.

Love you all!

I fell in love with Vienna today


Maybe it's because of the wonderful people I have met here, maybe it's because I didn't get lost once today, but most likely it's because I ate a chocolate croissant and now I know what I want to do for the rest of my life


Hello/Tag! From Vienna.
I'm very behind on posting pictures. I'm sorry. I just arrived in Austria this morning and decided to take it easy. Obviously that means I am taking a break from pastries. Also that means that I can post pictures for my mama.

When I arrived in London, I wasn't completely sold. Everything was so busy. Everyone was calling potato chips crisps. Store clerks were giving me attitude. Accidentally buying a sweatshirt that stretches the wrong way and shoes that are too small. But I soon learned that there is so much to love about London.

This was a little market we happened upon after trying for Lion King tickets. Instead we ended up here and found ourselves in a cookie shop. Obviously. The street performers were down in the corner, and they were wonderful.

One of the days we took a tour of the river Thames. From there we ended up in Greenwich village. It was a fun little maritime town.

Some people really do like it hip hop.

It's hard to get over just how beautiful these buildings are.

Everyone needs a picture of themselves squinting in front of Big Ben. Everyone.

View from the London Eye.

Shout Out to Harry Potter!!

Hyde Park.

You guys. This is it. This is the best burger I have ever eaten in my entire life. It's from this little hole in the wall in the up and coming neighborhood we stayed near. It's from a place called Honest Burger. Oh my word. Ladies and Gentleman this was it. This was the real deal. 

Anyways. More posts to come. Right now I need to go nurse my tired feet and prepare to not get lost in Vienna tomorrow.

Love you all!