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#75 Brock's Cake

Ok let me just preface this post by saying, a few years ago I came to visit my brothers at BYU. They told me there was this kid named Brock who was an amazing cook, and he had a kitchenaid. I heard rumors that his cinnamon rolls were from heaven. I had my doubts.

But then I had some of this chocolate cake.

Oh my oh my oh my.

Words cannot explain. Pictures cannot explain. I cannot explain.

Sorry folks, it looks like you will just have to use your imaginations this time.

#74 Dear Heather,

Here's to another year of deciding we're too cool to grow up.

#73 Oldies But Goodies

Or maybe not so good...ies.

#72 Dear Dad,

I may or may not already miss you...

I'm just too cool to tell you.


#71 Reunited

Hey reader.

Are you smiling? Of course you are. Am I smiling? Of course I am. Do you want to know why? Of course you do. And I will tell you.

It is because at this moment, I am sitting on my very favorite couch, in my very favorite apartment in ALL of the United States. Do you want to know why it is my favorite apartment in all the United States?

I'll tell you.

Other than the fact that is has the most comfortable sinky couches on all of BYU campus, and is usually full of Scott's famous fresh baked bread (which is hands down the best fresh baked bread in the universe) it is also the home to my brother Christian, which means that I am with my brother Christian. Doesn't the universal happiness that seemed to fill the world today make sense now? Of course it does.

P.S. Nathan, you and your skinnies better hurry back from D.C. or I will bust a cap.

#70 Oga-what-what

Catherine here. Straight from everyone's favorite roadtrippin rest stop. That's right. The one and only Ogalala Nebraska. It's been a long day. Luckily I love you (you should love you too) and I wrote a bajillion blog posts over the past 10 hours to show you that love. Look around. And be ready, there will be more on the road posts coming your way tomorrow!

#68 Artsy Fartsy


When it comes to me and my high school friends, we are artsy fartsy. Actually, let's be honest, they are artsy, I am well, I'll let you fill in the blank. I don't mind. I relish in the fact that I surround myself with talented people. So when we had our final get together of the summer (which was actually our second final get together of the summer) (which would make it the final final get together) (Ok I'm done) what was it that we were going to do? Artsy Fartsy stuff of course. We started off the night with a rousing game of Just Dance (which I highly recommend), then we went out to the garage where we all (all meaning everyone but me) (I'm the fartsy one remember) pulled out our canvases, and piles of brushes, and plethoras of paint. Luckily my friends took pity on my and let me use some of their stuff. Thanks pals. We all sat and talked while we painted and laughed. Then we put everyone's name in a hat, and each drew a name, and painted a picture for that person. I told you, Artsy.

To top it all off we trekked out to the firepit where we roasted marshmallows. Being the blogger that I am, I took out my small point and shoot camera and began snapping pictures. Next thing I knew, this happened.

And then this happened

Yes that's right. 3 big fancy cameras. Artsy fartsy I tell you.

Suddenly my poor little point and shoot couldn't compete.

And neither could the Fartsy picture I was so proud of...

#67 Oh Hello There Journal

It's been a while.

#66 Tie Dye

Dear summer, Thanks for being filled with Tie Dye.


#65 Road Trippin

Step 1: Teach Katie how to get in the car

#64 Monster cookies

One day this summer, it started raining, and consequently all I wanted to do all day was bake cookies and listen to the soothing voices of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Oh Stevie, how do you do it.

Anyways, for some reason, the only kind of cookie that I could imagine wanting at the time had to have M&M's and had to be about the size of my face. So this was the recipe I found. They were good. Too good. So good that I had to have two, or five, which is quite a feat considering they were the size of my face.

You can find the recipe here.

#63 And A Pony

My dad is going to Italy.

I know I know, It really isn't fair. But there he goes anyways. Off to visit the land of Gilatto and caprese and pastries and delicious Italian pizzas.

Anyways, he asked me if I wanted him to bring me back anything.... Duh. So here you have it dad the top 5 things I want from Italy.

5. A huge pile of this. With a side of crusty bread and and pastries for dessert.

4. One of these. I hear they have em in Italy.

3. One of these in red.

2. A large one of these. With extra basil. I'm drooling just looking at it.

1. Oh, and one of these. Don't worry, I wont picky.

My dad says he's taking requests, go ahead and leave them in the comments. I'll let him know.

#62 Make this

But only if you like happiness.

#61 My five Favorite songs of the summer

P.S. I'm sorry about the dreadful underlining. My computer will get a talking to. I promise.

5. The Sweetest Thing
- U2

4. Tighten Up
The Black Keys

3. The way you make me feel
-Michael Jackson

2. 1901

1. The Dog Days are Over
-Florence and the Machine

Honorable mentions go to these bands: She and Him, Tegan and Sara, and Jay-z

Now it's your turn. Yes you! I want to hear your 5 favorite songs of summer! Don't be shy!

#60 The Last of the Brohams

I hope none of you were worried that I forgot about My brother Christian.

Did you know that I have a tender spot in my heart for that brother o' mine?

Christian and I used to get in all sorts of trouble when we were little. Usually I would do something annoying, and he would tease me, and I would cry, and mom would use her discipline words, and Christian would get in trouble. I know, but don't feel too bad for me.

Christian and I became best of friends the summer before he left for college. He would let me follow him everywhere. To the library, to the store, to the library again. He let me steal all of his music. He came to a few of my tennis matches. He bragged about my ability to make cookies which always made me feel like a bajillion bucks. Let's just cut to the chase, this kid was awesome.

Besides brothering, Christian has many other awesome superpowers. He is a stellar photographer. A stupendous actor and director and drama teacher (or will be when he graduates). He is the jokester of the family. And last but not least, he can grow a facelump with the best of 'em.

Oh how I love this kid.

#59 Fun to play with, Not to eat.

I'm Sorry. I know it looks delicious.

#58 Book Review

I'm reading this book right now. I love it. It has really changed the way I look at food.
If you are interested in this type of thing I would also recommend this movie.

Both offer some fresh insight about problems in our food production, and give some new ideas of what is causing so many health problems around the world.

#57 Excelsior MN

The other week me and my mom took a trip to the small town of Excelsior MN. We stopped at a general store and picked up one of these:

(The most glorious pumpkin bar with a mile of fluffy whipped cream)

After Eating it we were all smiles:

And here is a quiz for you. Take a close look at this picture.

Are you ready?

Is it:
A. A garage sale
B. Your Grandma's Basement
C. Catherine's Dream Store

#56 Bob's Barbeque

Last Saturday a friend of mine had some Barbeque, and for the rest of the weekend he couldn't seem to stop bringing it up.

So of course we had to try it. We hopped in the car and sped down the road to Bob's Barbeque in the small town of Elgin Minnesota. Little did we know that Bob's Barbeque was also awarded the best barbeque in all of Minnesota. We were so Naive.

We all got the ribs. They were finger lickin good. Let me repeat, finger lickin good. And the meat practically fell off the bone. Smother that with the most deliciously smoky sweet sauce possible and you have created heaven on a piece of red checked wrapper.

Here we are smelling our fingers. Why you ask? Well try eating some ribs with the most heavenly sauce known to man and then not smelling your fingers. Try it. I dare you.

#55 Ode To Crest

Dearest reader,
I hate the dentist.
And sometimes, I feel like the dentist hates me.
It's ok.
We wont judge.
But it seems like everytime I go for a nice visit with that man he says mean things like:

"It looks like there is an occlusal on row B5 (because they call off teeth like battleship)"
And let's be serious, it's not like I don't know what the word occlusal means. It means I will be coming back to the dentist very very soon so he can set up an entire construction site in my mouth, complete with a jackhammer, bulldozer, and tape measurer.

So since my last playdate with the dentist didn't go over so well, I decided that I would step it up this time around. Anyways, I ended up buying this stuff:

And it was love. Love at first brush I tell you. And my dentist loved it too. No occlusals. Plus my pearly whites look extra pearly now.

I love that stuff.
Love love love.

That's all.

#54 Terms of Endearment

**Me and the older of the pooper scoopers

About a year ago, my brother came to me with a great concern. He was worried that our siblingship was not quite up to snuff when compared to another siblingship that he had witnessed.

Poppycock says you? Challenge says I.

So when he told me he was concerned because we didn't have cutesy nicknames for each other I was so on it. My other brother Christian caught right on, and soon enough, our siblingship communication went to a whole new level. We were unstoppable, inserting nicknames into everyday conversations so smoothly. It was all about timing. Soon, I was using terms of endearment in my regular conversations with friends and strangers alike. And so I give you, the top 15 terms of endearment, which, if well placed in conversations at home, with family, with friends, or in the workplace, can strengthen relationships and brighten your communication abilities. I guarantee it.

15. Puddin
14. Brosef/broham/broman
13. Sweet thang
12. Hotcakes
11. Loverbuns
10. Sugar
9. Gurrfriend/ G-friend (to be said with attitude)
8. Handsome
7. Babycakes
6. Shorty/Shawdy
5. Good Lookin
4. Poopy/pooper/pooper scooper
3. Pooh Bear
2. Pooky
1. Shnookums

#47 Is my dad's favorite number

"I'm glad you don't have some sort of social disorder from being raised by me"

- The Wise Brian Cragun

#53 Alright Byron

Watch this... You will laugh... I pinkie Promise

#52 The Truth About August

Ok so let's be honest.

I hate August.

Now hold on. I know what you're thinking. This is a blog about love and stuff. None of this hating. But hear me out.

August is like the long wind down of summer. The whole month of August I just sit there and think "It's August" And there is that awkward confusion because you are half excited for a new school year, and half dreading the end of summer. And then all the back to school advertising starts, and you just want to cry because you remember that you have to go back to school.

This year, I'm stressing out about all the things on my summer to do list that I have yet to do this summer... Books to read, stuff to cook, crafts to make, blogs to post etc.

Now in case you think I'm all moan and groan about August, I'm not. Here is the list of the top things I like about this month. Give her a look see.


1. Colorado peaches

Ok so maybe the list is short. But I look forward to the masses of Colorado peaches that make their way to Minnesota every august.

Dear Colorado Peaches,
I love you.

And so August, you got lucky, if it weren't for your abundance of sweet juicy peaches that come in giant crates, you might loose your legitimacy as a month in my book.

Can I get an amen?

Now it's your turn...
Do you hate August? Do you love August? Leave me some comments.