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#80 when life throws a big "life pie" in your face...

Go to sammy's and eat a whole days worth of calories in the form of pie shakes and sweet potato fries.

#79 If Moms all over the World Held a Mom Convention

I think they would probably decide to give my mom an award.
What an amazing woman.
Happy Belated 30th Birthday mom!
We Love you!

#78 I Couldn't Think of any Punny Titles for this Post

I love fall. Actually my favorite season is Spring, my second favorite season is Fall. (Second place isn't so bad Fall... You go Fall) Anyways, I like those two because it's transition time. It's time for a fresh start. Spring turns into summer and Fall turns into Halloween which turns into Christmas.
So as my fall gift to you, here are my top 5 favorite things about fall.

5. Hot Cocoa - I started this season out right with a salted caramel hot chocolate from starbucks. If you like happiness, then you MUST go get one of those things.
4. Cardigans- If you look in my closet, you might say "does Mr. Rogers live here?" to which I would promptly say "don't judge."
Fact- I love Cardigans.
Fact- Cardigans are socially acceptable in the fall.
Fact- I love fall
3. The Brisk walk to Campus
2. The return of comfort foods. Soup, stew, homemade bread etc. Dear comfort foods, We've missed you, welcome home. Love, the world
1. Ray Lamontagne and Amos Lee. Something about their voices makes me want to pour them over my ice cream. Something about fall makes me want to listen to A lot of Ray and Amos. For some reason I eat a lot of ice cream in the fall. Actually, I just eat a lot of ice cream in general.

Also, I should note that an honorable mention should go out to the John Mayer Live "Where the Light Is" CD. John Mayer, if you weren't so gross you would be on this list. That's all.

Anyways, That's my top 5 list. And now, the scary part. I want you (yes you) (I'm serious) to leave me a comment about your favorite fall things. Partly because I love hearing about what you love, and partly because I want to see if anyone out there still reads this here old blog. Leave me a comment! I'll send you a pony. And one of those things you really like. I promise!

#77 In the Past Month

Number of gross things I've played in: 2 (pudding, and blue foam)
Number of times I've dreamed in Italian: 6
Number of times I've talked in my sleep... In italian: 1
Number of times I've listened to the song Single Ladies: too embarassing to say
Number of pie shakes eaten: 1
Number of people I've met with a first name starting with J: 9
Number of times I've walked up the stairs of death: a bajillion
Number of times I've made it all the way to the top of the stairs of death: slightly less than a bajillion
Number of times I've admired my organized closet: 30ish (you wouldn't believe how organized that thing is)
Number of Frozen Grapes thrown in my eye: 1 (thanks Katrina)
Number of Hip Hop nights: 2.5
Number of Grills made: 1
Number of times I've cried because my brothers got new less-sinky couches: 6
Number of times I've gotten mail: 8
Number of times I've had oatmeal for breakfast: Half a bucket's worth
Number of times I've been responsible: Lots (that was for you mom)
Number of sunburns: Scottish Festival
Number of Cupcakes eaten: 10
Number of Cupcakes I ate but didn't regret: Snickerdoodle, Apple, Vanie-lla, Red Velvet
Number of laundry loads: 4, not that I'm bragging, or that I smell
Number of Jobs applied for: 3.7
Number of Jobs: Cleaning my room
Number of Kickball games: 3
Number of times I wanted to say "easy out, easy out": Innumerable
Number of times I've neglected my blog: September
Number of times I've thought "I should blog": October