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Confession #1: I love Food
I love it all, cooking, eating, dreaming about. Food is one of my favorite pastimes, I figured it would make a good topic for a starter post due to the fact that I will probably be talking about food in at least 75% of my future posts

Confession #2: I spend way too much time planning what I'm going to eat at my next meal.
When I wake up in the morning, I turn on my computer, check my email/facebook and then head to my favorite recipe websites, where I spend the next few minutes dreaming about the fancy gourmet foods that I wish I could be eating. Then I plan what lucky ingredients I will put in my oatmeal that morning for breakfast (my favorite is a little bit of milk, brown sugar, and frozen berries) . Then, I rinse and repeat.

Confession #4: Sometimes, I dream of going to a culinary school...
I mean come on, how amazing would that be.

Confession #5: Last week I had a little chat with some poor woman named Donna
You see, while I was daydreaming about culinary school, and chefs hats, and all of the above, I went onto the website for the Arts Institute in SLC. I was curious, so I put down my name, Phone #, and address, for more information, assuming they just would shower me with emails and brochures. After all, I wasn't serious, just curious. On Friday I get a call from Miss Donna who represents the Culinary Arts Institute, and we had a lovely "little" chat about my future plans in the Dietetics field. She then asked me about my interest in baking. When I told her I just loved baking because it was fun, she asked what the best thing I had ever baked was. I wanted to sound impressive of course, but the only thing I could think of was a cookie cake I had made last week that consisted of a tube of Pillsbury chocolate Chip cookie dough, and a tub of Western Family vanilla frosting (By the way, I definitely approve of the delicious combination of a slab of doughboy cookie, slathered by a tub of frosting) .

Confession #6: I'm very bad at breaking disappointing news to people
I became very aware very fast that Donna was trying to "sell me her school" I felt bad telling her that I wasn't really interested, and consequently, I spent the next half hour tripping over my words, trying to find a nice way to tell her that she was wasting her time. Most of the conversation went like this:
Donna: Our school is the best
Me: Well, I was really only curious about the school, I'm not very serious, I was just...
Donna: I know exactly what you're saying, how about you come take a tour of the school next weekend.
...after some awkward discussions about how I could get a degree in something I "really liked" faster at her school than at my current school, I finally broke the news. She attempted to get me to just come explore at some open houses/ private tours/stuff with free food, but I just wouldn't have it

Confession #7: I'm perfectly happy where I am
I guess this post all comes down to the fact that I love what I am preparing to study. I realized that I really am doing what I love, I might just have to battle a few Chemistry classes, cadaver labs, and long nights of homework to get there. So Donna if you're out there, I actually probably wont be calling you back in a few weeks... sorry

I love to talk about things I love.

Ok, So I've been wanting to make this blog for a long time. I'm one of those people who is really good at imagining projects, and starting projects, but right now I'm trying to remember a project that I have actually finished and I can't think of one.

I love things... A lot.
I love to talk about things I love
And I thought, why not have a blog where I talk only about things that I love!

So anyways, I made this blog a while ago, and kept thinking of things I wanted to post about, but I would always say to myself, well that's awkward, just jumping into it, not letting the audience (who at this point will probably only consist of my mom) (who consequently is one of the people I love the most) know what the heck is going on in this little blog.

So, I give you, the Awkward First Blog Post, where I ramble on about nothing in an attempt to help you understand what the next posts are all about.