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Mysteries and List Checkin

First of all. My shift key stopped shifting. Lame, I know.
Second of all. Some mystery person keeps leaving mysterious treats/gifts on my doorstep.
I, for the life of me, cannot figure out who.
I thought I had a pretty darn good idea.
But the clues just don't add up. I just can't figure it!
Anyways. If any of you have any experience in some serious detective work. Or have any access to a fingerprinting kit. Let me know.
Second of all. Do you want to check some sturff off of the list? Of course you do.

This weekend my brodawg Christian and I went to visit my grandma. Our intention was to surprise her, but it turns out that Christian and I are terrible at surprising people. But it didn't matter. We still got to see her. We chatted about the NBA over fancy ice cream bars. Then the next day the whole Eddington clan picked apples from off her trees and consequently I made apple crisp sunday night. Check, Check and Half check. (that was too many checks, I know, but it's catchier this way, trust me)

Also, I registered for the Halloween Half. Now all I need is a tutu. Tootoo? Twotwo?
A ballerina costume.

Anyways. I need to go for a jiggity jog.

Ciao for now!

News and a Teaser?

(Photo from Here)
First we have a few items of business
1. I have 3 different versions of "YMCA" by the village people. One is labeled under pop music, one is labeled under dance music, one is soul and R&B. I have no memory of putting any of them on there. Why do you need to know this? Why don't you need to know this.

2. I have spent the last five minutes trying to decode the handwriting of the mystery saint who left me cookies and a poem today. Mystery saint, if you are reading this, hug yourself and pretend it's from me, give yourself a high five for making delicious cookies, and you may want to start thinking about a career in poetry. You've got something going there. P.S. those cookies? They were "toe-licking" good. Get it? Ok nevermind.

3. I'm hanging out with Haley Johnson tonight. Did you know that I love her? Did you know she makes gumbo that could create world peace? What a girl!

Second of all. Did you know the weekend is almost here? Of course you did! What's on your to do list? Want to see mine?

1. Study for exams
2. Eat peanut butter cereal
3. Cross some things off the ol' list

I'll keep you posted of course!

Check it off the list!

Shep Studio

First of all, can you believe this rain? Me either! I half love it, half need some new socks.
Second of all, can you stop listening to Blind Pilot? Me either. It's a sickness.
Third of all. I keep touching my hair.

I just went to a salon. Like a real one. Like, one where they wash your hair. And then tell you nice things. And then gingerly chop your locks.


This is a big deal.

This was not my normal supercuts run.

First I went in there. I dressed as cute as I possibly could. Those hair cutting kiddos are trendy. I think they thought I was a celebrity because they asked if I wanted a drink, and they took my coat and umbrella. I'm not complaining. Then I met my stylist. I instantly loved her. She let me sit in a massage chair while she washed my hair and asked me about life. I confessed all my previous hair sins: I use cheap shampoo. Some days I forget to brush my hair. I have split ends. I haven't had my haircut since, oh, last year. She shook her head. And taught me the ways of hair care while her and this guy with skinny jeans and a cool watch styled my hair. I was in heaven. Now my hair feels silky smooth. Now all I want is to go in for their free fringe trims. Now I want it to be 8 to 12 weeks from today.

Haircut at a salon? Check!

3 things

(pic from this place)
1. It's cold. It's raining. My roommate made pumpkin cookies. It's fall ladies and gents.
2. I cannot figure out how to wear my ducks.
3. 21 list part 1 tomorrow!

Martin Kratt and the Art of Growing Up

I'm turning 21 in a little bit. Have you ever done that? It's weird huh. For some reason, 21 is the scariest age for me to turn. For all I know 21 is all about doing taxes, and eating vegetables (that aren't avocados or frozen frozen peas). I feel like 21 is the age where I need to learn to do my laundry before I run out of clothes. It's probably also the age where I should get down to business and make a budget. Will I also be forced to stop watching youtube clips of the Kratt brothers to figure out which one I had a crush on when I was 8 (and/or 20)? I don't know. This is 21 we are talking about. This is serious stuff! (P.S. I'm pretty sure it was Martin Kratt, Chris has funny hair.)

Anyways I made a list. I asked some of my friends to add things to the list. Some of them are off the chain. (Off the chain might be a phrase I have/choose to give up when I turn 21) Some of them made me really excited for the next few weeks. Some of them made me terrified for the next few weeks. Some of them I have never done before. I'm planning on checking them all off. And guess what! When I check one off I get to blog about it! Did I hear you say "win win"? I think I did! So without further ado, here is the list!

21 things to do before I turn 21
1. Go camping
2. Learn to drive a stickshift
3. Run a half marathon (I've been planning this one for a while, but I thought I would throw it on here)
4. Learn how to make yogurt
5. Surprise both of my grandparents with a visit.
6. Stay up for 24 straight hours
7. Get a manicure or pedicure
8. Get my hair cut at a real salon
9. Learn to put my feet behind my head
10. Make a new friend
11. Sing Karaoke at Applebees or somewhere similar
12. My mom reads this blog
13. Go to Tooele
14. Hit a golf ball
15. Eat something crazy
16. Paint a Masterpiece
17. TBA
18. Pick my own fruit and make a pie out of it
19. Do something nice and completely unexpected for someone
20. ?
21. ?

So this is where I need your help. My 21 things started yesterday. I still couldn't think of 2 things. But if I know anything it's that the 5 people that read this blog know how to have a good time! Am I right or am I right? So leave me your comments with ideas! Everybody! I will send you a pony if you do! Or that fancy car you wanted! Or maybe I will send you good Karma! Promise!