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#76 Housekeeping

Dear reader (s?),
Early this morning I started tossing and turning. I kept having this dream where I kept meeting all these new people who kept asking me questions in Italian that I didn't know how to answer.

So scary.

So I did what any stressed studentessa would: woke up grabbed my lap top and pulled up my blog. And that's when I remembered. Oh yeah. I should probably write something. But here's the deal. Summer is over. I have been in class for a week. As most of you can tell, I didn't quite make my goal of 101 posts. I had 3 main goals this summer.
1. Write 101 blog posts
2. Do p90x everyday
3. Only eat ice cream every 10 days

All of which I only partially completed. I cheated and ate ice cream everyday my last week home. There was ice cream cake in my freezer, and there was nothing I could do. I only did 60 days of P90x instead of 90. And obviously, I only posted 75 blogs. Now for those of you who read that last paragraph and started feeling like life is a bummer. Don't. I am actually quite proud of myself. The last time I completed a goal in my lifetime was when I made a goal to watch every single episode of Friends. Other than that. I have never really accomplished any goal I have set. And Let's just say my goals this summer were... a little more... worthwhile? My 30th day of p90x was also my 30th "ice cream free day" and also marked the longest I had ever kept a goal, and I felt more or less like it was my birthday.

Anyways enough with the cheese. Down to business. This morning while eating my oatmeal, I was debating whether to finish the 101 loves, or to start fresh and start a more normal blogging routine. I counsiled with my roommate Heather, who is, as we all know, super smart. She told me that I should finish the loves. And so my friends, here is my plan. I will blog till 101 (with no time frame mind you, I'd rather go for quality than quantity). And then after that, I will keep blogging, but with none of this numbers nonsense.

Please Please keep reading/commenting/loving.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go slide down a natural waterslide.

Love Love,