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This is why I don't blog

Confession: Today I made stir fry. In the oven. Because I was too lazy to stand over the stove and stir it.

I needed a break today. It was one of those days where I got home, took a nap, and woke up thinking it was tomorrow. Then I crawled out of bed and baffled over why the heck there was astroturf all over my jeans. Just one of life's many mysteries.

Anyways, since I spent all day dreaming about the delicious kale rice bowl I ate yesterday, I decided that toasted coconut and I were going to have another get together. Then I remembered that I had put my jeans in the wash with a blanket that I had used to sit on to watch my roommates soccer game on an astroturf field. Mystery solved? You betcha.

It's definitely one of those days. Lucky for me I found a new food blog that I am crushing on. Now my "oven fry" (I can't really justify calling it a stir fry) has joined me on the couch for a mixture of reading blogs, blogging blogs, and finding a documentary to watch on netflix.

Here's the important part. I realized that the reason I never blog is because I never have pictures. I never take pictures anymore. If I did you would end up reading blog posts that were full of pictures of toast with jam. I can't help it. I'm just a girl with a crush. I'm not ashamed.

The thing is I have been trying some fun yummy new recipes lately, but I haven't taken pictures of them. So I haven't posted them. They are delicious though. You can trust me on that one.

P.S. Want to hear the best part of my day? You do? Ok I will tell you. Today I decided not to skip my international health class (it's my favorite class as of late) and we had a guest speaker. And he looked exactly like Dr. McDreamy. And I'm pretty sure he was wearing Jcrew. The only thing that could have made that class better would be if I had a slice of toast with jam on it. McDreamy. McJammy. McLove.

Major Crushin

(Just FYI, we all entered into a social contract that we would make silly faces for this pic.
Grandma sure slyed her way out of this one.)

You guys. (Or should I say you mom, because I think she is the only one who still reads this blog) (Or maybe you Laurel, because she is just plain awesome) I am in one of those moods. It's the weather. I can tell. Anyways, for some reason I have been crushing on everything today!

Frozen fruit... Check
Sunny weather... Check
Breakfast... Major Major Check
Jiggity jog in the park.... Check
The insane amount of families having family time at the park... Check
This video... Check
Not wearing a coat to class... Check

I'm not kidding around. There is so much to love out there. I hope your day has been just as dandy and full of love. I'm going to sign off before this gets too lovey dovey.