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Confession #1: I love Food
I love it all, cooking, eating, dreaming about. Food is one of my favorite pastimes, I figured it would make a good topic for a starter post due to the fact that I will probably be talking about food in at least 75% of my future posts

Confession #2: I spend way too much time planning what I'm going to eat at my next meal.
When I wake up in the morning, I turn on my computer, check my email/facebook and then head to my favorite recipe websites, where I spend the next few minutes dreaming about the fancy gourmet foods that I wish I could be eating. Then I plan what lucky ingredients I will put in my oatmeal that morning for breakfast (my favorite is a little bit of milk, brown sugar, and frozen berries) . Then, I rinse and repeat.

Confession #4: Sometimes, I dream of going to a culinary school...
I mean come on, how amazing would that be.

Confession #5: Last week I had a little chat with some poor woman named Donna
You see, while I was daydreaming about culinary school, and chefs hats, and all of the above, I went onto the website for the Arts Institute in SLC. I was curious, so I put down my name, Phone #, and address, for more information, assuming they just would shower me with emails and brochures. After all, I wasn't serious, just curious. On Friday I get a call from Miss Donna who represents the Culinary Arts Institute, and we had a lovely "little" chat about my future plans in the Dietetics field. She then asked me about my interest in baking. When I told her I just loved baking because it was fun, she asked what the best thing I had ever baked was. I wanted to sound impressive of course, but the only thing I could think of was a cookie cake I had made last week that consisted of a tube of Pillsbury chocolate Chip cookie dough, and a tub of Western Family vanilla frosting (By the way, I definitely approve of the delicious combination of a slab of doughboy cookie, slathered by a tub of frosting) .

Confession #6: I'm very bad at breaking disappointing news to people
I became very aware very fast that Donna was trying to "sell me her school" I felt bad telling her that I wasn't really interested, and consequently, I spent the next half hour tripping over my words, trying to find a nice way to tell her that she was wasting her time. Most of the conversation went like this:
Donna: Our school is the best
Me: Well, I was really only curious about the school, I'm not very serious, I was just...
Donna: I know exactly what you're saying, how about you come take a tour of the school next weekend.
...after some awkward discussions about how I could get a degree in something I "really liked" faster at her school than at my current school, I finally broke the news. She attempted to get me to just come explore at some open houses/ private tours/stuff with free food, but I just wouldn't have it

Confession #7: I'm perfectly happy where I am
I guess this post all comes down to the fact that I love what I am preparing to study. I realized that I really am doing what I love, I might just have to battle a few Chemistry classes, cadaver labs, and long nights of homework to get there. So Donna if you're out there, I actually probably wont be calling you back in a few weeks... sorry


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