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I'm Back

Ahoy! It's been a long time. Did you miss me? Don't answer that. Unless of course your answer is that you did miss me. Nevermind.

I've been absent. It's true. I've had a terrible case of boring life which has the side effects of writer's block. But today I am sitting on the couch feeling slightly cured and with nothing else to do but stare at the cake pops I just made. Staring = eating. Eating= laying on the couch. Laying on the couch = staring. It's basic math. It's real math.

There are a couple key things that have happened since we last spoke. Do you care to know? Good. Here they are:

1. I have a new favorite food. Avocados. I feel self conscious every time I say that word since there is a large possibility that I say it wrong.
2. Nathan, my brother, he's married. Really really married. And boy did he get a keeper. What a cutie. I have the cutest sisters in law.
3. I ran 150 miles. And then had Cafe Rio to celebrate. Pork salad, you can have my heart any day.
4. Christian, my brother, is officially banned from marriage until further notice. He can't leave me, he just can't.
5. I found this family pic today on Christians Flickr. Classic.

Well, I suppose that's it for today folks. I think I'm going to go eat some salad. Or maybe an avocado, with toast, always with toast.


  1. Are you BACK BACK, or are you just visiting the ol' blog? I hope you're BACK.

    And just curious... Where are you? MN or UT?

    (PS: I'm no "anonymous." This is Laurel.)

  2. Enjoyed reading your funny post. How did you become such a math whiz!! I LOVE that picture!

  3. Anonylaurel, I'm in UT right now, livin the dream. Sort of. I'm hoping to be back back, as long as I can find some exciting but responsible (that's for you mom) things to get myself mixed up in.

  4. SO I looked at the family picture and then continued looking... your brothers crack me up! I think that was the most entertaining group of portraits of a family I have ever seen!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire photo shoot. So funny. How did you survive living with those brothers?! :) Keep posting!