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After a long day of running around London

I accidentally deleted the most important picture taken yesterday which of course was the picture of the tart I  ate. Last night I was depressed about not being able to brag about that pastry. But just know. That picture would have blown you away. This was the kind of pastry people write raps about. You would have been all "dang, look at that pastry." Anyways. The past 2 days haven't been too touristy, but instead more of a frantic search to find wifi, not get lost on streets filled with people that look like the bad guys from Home Alone, and finding my brother with out a phone. Oh and shopping (which I had to fit in before my brother got here)

But. After a family reunion with the brosef, checking in to our room, and getting acquainted with the underground, we finally got out and started seeing things last night. We made a quick stop at the Burough Market where we turned the corner to the most beautiful cathedral. There beautiful old cathedrals everywhere here.
This is the view from our window. I'm obsessed. If in the future you see more pictures like this, just smile and nod.

From the British Museum.

 Cathedral outside of the Burough Market.
Same deal.

Anyway, we are about to run out the door. But I promise more pics are on the way.


  1. Matt says you need to take more pictures from your cell phone.

    I'm so proud of you for navigating London by yourself for a couple days! Glad you found him and are having fun!!