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#1 The Midwest, or Home, or a Bed That Feels Like Butter.

This morning my parents and I climbed into a car in Ohio and began our drive back to my home in Minnesota. There is something so wonderful about a car ride on drizzly day in the Midwest. I enjoyed my stay in the desert (unfortunately not dessert) that is known as the west, but it's good old “Up North” that really has my heart. I was raised in the humid, lush, green fields of the midwest. ( I was attempting to be poetic just then, My mother didn't actually raise me in a corn field, sorry to disappoint.) I love everything here. The trees, the lakes, the green. I love that the people drive, eat, talk, smile, live as if they want desperately to be your friend. It drizzled all weekend. Have I mentioned that I love rain? This morning I woke up to the rain drizzling on the pond next to my Brother and Sister-in-law's apartment. It was perfect.
Anyway, on the way home my mom and I listened to Elton John while my dad sat in the back and slept with a pillow on top of his face. Doesn't he know that the pillow is supposed to go under his face? (just kidding daddy-o)

Anyways, I guess I'll get to the point. I'm very excited to be back in the Midwest, in my house, with my mom's garden where the flowers smell too sweet to describe, where the kitchen is always stocked, and the beds are soft as butter.


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