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#78 I Couldn't Think of any Punny Titles for this Post

I love fall. Actually my favorite season is Spring, my second favorite season is Fall. (Second place isn't so bad Fall... You go Fall) Anyways, I like those two because it's transition time. It's time for a fresh start. Spring turns into summer and Fall turns into Halloween which turns into Christmas.
So as my fall gift to you, here are my top 5 favorite things about fall.

5. Hot Cocoa - I started this season out right with a salted caramel hot chocolate from starbucks. If you like happiness, then you MUST go get one of those things.
4. Cardigans- If you look in my closet, you might say "does Mr. Rogers live here?" to which I would promptly say "don't judge."
Fact- I love Cardigans.
Fact- Cardigans are socially acceptable in the fall.
Fact- I love fall
3. The Brisk walk to Campus
2. The return of comfort foods. Soup, stew, homemade bread etc. Dear comfort foods, We've missed you, welcome home. Love, the world
1. Ray Lamontagne and Amos Lee. Something about their voices makes me want to pour them over my ice cream. Something about fall makes me want to listen to A lot of Ray and Amos. For some reason I eat a lot of ice cream in the fall. Actually, I just eat a lot of ice cream in general.

Also, I should note that an honorable mention should go out to the John Mayer Live "Where the Light Is" CD. John Mayer, if you weren't so gross you would be on this list. That's all.

Anyways, That's my top 5 list. And now, the scary part. I want you (yes you) (I'm serious) to leave me a comment about your favorite fall things. Partly because I love hearing about what you love, and partly because I want to see if anyone out there still reads this here old blog. Leave me a comment! I'll send you a pony. And one of those things you really like. I promise!


  1. John Mayer is gross, isn't he? He looks like he should be on a sex offender registry somewhere. Totally the heebs.

    My list:
    1. Fall decorations.
    2. Pumpkins! Love me some pumpkins.
    3. Pumpkin pie shakes at McDonalds and Arctic Circle.
    4. The return of socks (the BEST day for a foot hater like me).
    5. Only 76 days until Christmas.

    And yes, I'm still here. I'm a faithful blog reader to the end. Too desperate? Too needy?

  2. Hi neighbor :)

    1. Leaf piles!
    2. Drinking warm Ovaltine. I drink cold Ovaltine in summer and once it gets to fall I can finally have it warm again.
    3. Pumpkin pie. Lorraine and I adore pie. I'm sure you'll be over multiple times eating pie w/ us.
    4. Harry Potter. Harry Potter movies come out in November/summer. It's always been that way, so clearly I love November.
    5. Football kicks into high gear in fall. All kinds. College, NFL, touch football at the park. Yeah, it's nice.

  3. Brian says:

    5. Anniversary!
    4. Genealogy! (Always in season! :)
    3. Paint outside without bugs (mosquitos past season)!
    2. Yellow Ochre and Terra Rosa come back on the palette!
    1. Bright yellows, oranges, and reds everywhere you look.

  4. A title for your post...
    Falling for you!

    Here is my list:
    1. I love the cathedralesque stained glass trees.
    2. I love wearing long sleeves.
    3. My birthday is in the fall, the day after Halloween - what's not to love about that? Plus I share my birthday with CC.
    4. Thanksgiving precedes the greatest celebration of all (that would be Christmas) and I'm grateful for time to ponder and notice my many blessings.
    5. I love pumpkin and cinnamon and nuts, each alone or mixed all together. Fall seems to bring an abundance of this deliciousness.

    PS - I love John Mayer too, but as a person, he probably wouldn't be my friend.

  5. Hiiiii Love! I'm so glad I get to be enlightened with your blog posts again :)

    Here is my list for you darling!
    1. I tried the salted caramel chocolate drink you were talking about but I tried it as a mocha and IT WAS AMAZING. holy crap. you were right, this deserves to be on my list no doubt.
    2. I like riding my bike through all of the leaves!! And tonight I got to ride my bike across the river and it was sooo exhilarating (nothing really to do with fall besides that it was chilly outside but I've never done it before, let alone in the fall :) )
    3. Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins. I love the pie, taking the guts out, squeezing the slimy seeds so they shoot at people, making funny faces while carving them, turning off all the lights and putting a candle in them to see them at night, and the cute little one I picked for my apartment :).
    4. Caramel apples. I made them for the first time this past weekend and they really do taste like those darn suckers!
    5. Snuggling up and reading a good book while getting to see the sun still shining bright and all the awesome colors on the trees! What is not to love about fall?
    6. (I know I'm only supposed to do 5 but I just couldn't choose) IT'S ALMOST WINTER, which means... it's almost spring!! which means... it's almost summer again :)

    love you!

  6. 1. Egg nog appears at the grocery store. Mmmm...pumpkin egg nog.
    2. I can open my windows to cool the house.
    3. BYU football starts.
    4. I get to decorate for Halloween/ my decorations!
    5. The kids are back in school!!!! :)

  7. 1. Sitting in front of the fire with hot chocolate.
    2. Fall foods: pumpkin rolls, taco soup in a pumpkin, pumpkin cookies, squash, corn on the cob.
    3. All of the holidays!
    4. Walks through fall leaves.
    5. Crisp mornings.

  8. 1. The Maples in our yard are bright red, yellow and orange-they've never been so beautiful.

    2. Mums in bloom.

    3. Decorating begins in earnest-not as many great summer decorations.

    4. Hot chocolate

    5. My birthday and anniversary.
    6. Pulling out my favorite sweaters.

  9. I AM SO GLAD I FOUND THIS POST because fall is my favorite season! Huzzah!

    1. maple leaves changing color
    2. the little seed things that fall off trees and kids fold over their noses
    3. mittens
    4. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
    5. catherine's blog talking about fall :)