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This is why I don't blog

Confession: Today I made stir fry. In the oven. Because I was too lazy to stand over the stove and stir it.

I needed a break today. It was one of those days where I got home, took a nap, and woke up thinking it was tomorrow. Then I crawled out of bed and baffled over why the heck there was astroturf all over my jeans. Just one of life's many mysteries.

Anyways, since I spent all day dreaming about the delicious kale rice bowl I ate yesterday, I decided that toasted coconut and I were going to have another get together. Then I remembered that I had put my jeans in the wash with a blanket that I had used to sit on to watch my roommates soccer game on an astroturf field. Mystery solved? You betcha.

It's definitely one of those days. Lucky for me I found a new food blog that I am crushing on. Now my "oven fry" (I can't really justify calling it a stir fry) has joined me on the couch for a mixture of reading blogs, blogging blogs, and finding a documentary to watch on netflix.

Here's the important part. I realized that the reason I never blog is because I never have pictures. I never take pictures anymore. If I did you would end up reading blog posts that were full of pictures of toast with jam. I can't help it. I'm just a girl with a crush. I'm not ashamed.

The thing is I have been trying some fun yummy new recipes lately, but I haven't taken pictures of them. So I haven't posted them. They are delicious though. You can trust me on that one.

P.S. Want to hear the best part of my day? You do? Ok I will tell you. Today I decided not to skip my international health class (it's my favorite class as of late) and we had a guest speaker. And he looked exactly like Dr. McDreamy. And I'm pretty sure he was wearing Jcrew. The only thing that could have made that class better would be if I had a slice of toast with jam on it. McDreamy. McJammy. McLove.


  1. So your clueless mother had no idea who Dr. McDreamy was, so I followed your link. Hmmmmm did you pay attention to anything he said? And by the way-have you been skipping classes? Be careful what you blog-I might have to report you to the truancy officer.