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#44 Pink Bike

Take a good long hard look at this beauty of a bike. (Unless your name is Nathan and you don't appreciate such masterpieces)

This is my bike. I love this bike. Even if she is slightly childish and unpractical (don't tell her I said that). However, due to the fact that I couldn't fit her in my suitcase, she's stuck in Utah being babysat by my brother Christian.

The other day, I had the brilliant idea to go green and bike to the bank instead of driving. However, since I didn't have my beautiful pink bike I had to resort to whatever was in the garage.

So with a great sigh of defeat I pulled this out of our garage:

Skeletor, the not-so-family-friendly family bike. Skeletor, aged and dusty, comes from a long line of Huffy's from the land of wal-mart. Found at a garage sale a few years back, he's a second or third generation on the family tree of Huffy's. His features include squeaky brakes (in order to warn people that you are approaching, and may or may not be able to stop) a broken water bottle carrier (to prove that whoever is riding is too burly to need hydration), and my favorite, a seat with absolutely no cush for the tush. (sorry, I thought of that rhyme and I just couldn't keep it to myself)

I miss you Pink Bike....


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