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#48 Nathan Cragun

***(Picture courtesy of Christian Cragun)

This is my brother Nathan. Yes, He colored that Candle himself. Oh he's good. He's real good.

Nathan and I have always been good pals. And by always I mean ever since I grew out of my whiny preteen stage and he grew out of his "destroy Catherine's barbies by tying them behind my bike to see if they can fly" stage.
But seriously. I love this kid.

Let's be honest, who wouldn't? He's majoring in counting, and when it comes to crayola crayons, the kid has as much talent and passion as picasso. And boy, can you say vision?

Anyways. Nathan fell into the "everyone move to California for fun (and possibly to have a successful future)" trap, and boy do I miss that kid, which doesn't make sense because we weren't even living in the same state anyways, but it's the principle of the thing.

Nathan makes most people laugh. Usually with him, not at him. But mostly he makes me laugh. A lot. We could sit in his kitchen and laugh about a dumb joke about bacon for hours.

Also, Nathan takes brothering seriously. And he is pretty good at it too. He let's me call him frequently and babble on and on about the happenings in my boring life, down to the boringest of detail. He even occasionally throws in a courtesy laugh for good measure.

Did I mention he is also a pro ultimate frisbee player, and hot dog eater. And boy can that kid grow a beard.

What's not to love?