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Mysteries and List Checkin

First of all. My shift key stopped shifting. Lame, I know.
Second of all. Some mystery person keeps leaving mysterious treats/gifts on my doorstep.
I, for the life of me, cannot figure out who.
I thought I had a pretty darn good idea.
But the clues just don't add up. I just can't figure it!
Anyways. If any of you have any experience in some serious detective work. Or have any access to a fingerprinting kit. Let me know.
Second of all. Do you want to check some sturff off of the list? Of course you do.

This weekend my brodawg Christian and I went to visit my grandma. Our intention was to surprise her, but it turns out that Christian and I are terrible at surprising people. But it didn't matter. We still got to see her. We chatted about the NBA over fancy ice cream bars. Then the next day the whole Eddington clan picked apples from off her trees and consequently I made apple crisp sunday night. Check, Check and Half check. (that was too many checks, I know, but it's catchier this way, trust me)

Also, I registered for the Halloween Half. Now all I need is a tutu. Tootoo? Twotwo?
A ballerina costume.

Anyways. I need to go for a jiggity jog.

Ciao for now!


  1. Um, I like how you posted what seems to be a picture of an amazing time and didn't even explain where you got giant jumping horses.

  2. I'm with Christian here, you've got some explaining to do. PS happy birthday 1 hour early!!