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News and a Teaser?

(Photo from Here)
First we have a few items of business
1. I have 3 different versions of "YMCA" by the village people. One is labeled under pop music, one is labeled under dance music, one is soul and R&B. I have no memory of putting any of them on there. Why do you need to know this? Why don't you need to know this.

2. I have spent the last five minutes trying to decode the handwriting of the mystery saint who left me cookies and a poem today. Mystery saint, if you are reading this, hug yourself and pretend it's from me, give yourself a high five for making delicious cookies, and you may want to start thinking about a career in poetry. You've got something going there. P.S. those cookies? They were "toe-licking" good. Get it? Ok nevermind.

3. I'm hanging out with Haley Johnson tonight. Did you know that I love her? Did you know she makes gumbo that could create world peace? What a girl!

Second of all. Did you know the weekend is almost here? Of course you did! What's on your to do list? Want to see mine?

1. Study for exams
2. Eat peanut butter cereal
3. Cross some things off the ol' list

I'll keep you posted of course!


  1. Well, you've got the teaser part of this post, anyway. The news part? Not so much.

  2. hahaha amen to all of the above...especially the YMCA