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To the Greatest Lil' Sis Ever!!!

You should really change your password every now and then.

From: Your Family

We love you! Happy 21st Birthday! We hope that the last 21 days have found you noticing a bit of our love sprinkled throughout your life. If you hadn't figured it out, the gifts and presents that were appearing at your apartment came from the whole family. We want to make sure that you know that we know that you are the greatest little sister to ever have lived.

We appreciate everything you bring to our family: your smile, your humor, your kindness (even when we tease you pretty relentlessly), your advice, your interest in our lives, your example, your testimony, your love, your cuteness (because Heaven knows none of the boys help in that department), and so many other wonderful attributes that make you who you are.

We feel honored to call you our sister/daughter. And to show you how much we love you we've decided to post these:

Happy Birthday Lil' Sis! We love you!

Your whole family


  1. Boy Howdy! I am just the cutest girl ever!

  2. I love it! Happy Birthday, Catherine!