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#40 Dear California,

Quit stealing all my favorite people.

You're cool. We get it.

Love, Catherine


  1. Uh, oh. Which part of California, and for how long? A visit? A long-term job? I know first-hand that California is tempting. (I lived in NorCal for 3 years). No snow, no thunderstorms, lots of beautiful surroundings. It's hard to compete with that!

  2. No thunderstorms? What kind of existence is that? Oh right, that's Utah...

  3. Ohio needs to start stealing more of those people so that Matt and I can have some company.

  4. Laurel, Nathan (among many other people) let himself be coaxed into going to California. He's in San Jose for an internship. It really shouldn't mean much for me since it's not like we were spending the summer in the same state anyways. But still. I just miss that kiddo.

    And Nicole. I would looove to be in Ohio. If those dang houses would just stay clean I could take some time off to come visit! :)