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#29, Having a Cute-as-a-button Mom

You know how most girls have their weddings planned out from age... like... birth? Well I was never much into that. However, there are three things that I have decided will happen at my wedding. ( which wont be for about 10-30 years, so no getting ideas) (that means you mom)

1. Stevie wonder will play at the reception (Dear Stevie, I hope in the future we can be better friends so that it's not awkward when I ask you to play at my wedding... for free. Love, Catherine)
2. There will be ice cream
3. There will be peonies

So when I got home after a long day of work, I was delightfully surprised to find a vase of giant fluffy beautiful pink peonies and some roses, fresh out of my mom's beautifully tended garden. What a good mom I have.


  1. The flowers are beautiful, but I am more mesmerized by what's under them. What is that? A crochet pattern book from the 1960s? You must explain.

    PS. I can only imagine how heavenly your room must smell. The smell of peonies and roses are my favorite. You have a good mom! (Who also likes Stevie Wonder, btw. Like mother like daughter is certainly true here.)

  2. Laurel, I'm glad to see another comment from you! I love them! Also, those are indeed vintage crochet books. I think they are from the 60's. They double as my nightstand decor. I love vintage stuff. My room has a few treasures here and there.

  3. That is extremely cool! I love vintage stuff too. Whenever you mention that you've been to an antiques store, I am jealous.