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#34 Ask the Audience

This photo has nothing to do with the following post. I just found it, and it made me smile and also, I needed something to motivate you to comment.

Ok so the past few days (and by days I mean all of June) have been rainy and icky and no fun. Many of my fellow Minnesotans (me included) have been mumbling and grumbling about the icky weather, but something magical happened today, The sun came out! Which means it's time to stop all this dooming and glooming! Therefore, it's time for a list!
Here are the top 5 things that made my day just wonderful.

5. A letter from my good pal Elder Bolton
4. A wonderful day at work with a wonderful coworker
3. Peanut butter banana smoothies with chocolate chips
2. Nupa (blog post to come) followed by loud car singing with some pals
1. Laying out in the sunshine with My bff oh life miss Kathryn

And now guess what! It's your turn! I want to hear the top 5 things of the day, or the week, or the month for that matter! It's time for you (and I mean YOU) to spread some love! Leave a comment with your top 5! I can't wait to hear from everyone (and I mean EVERYONE)!


  1. Oh the pressure. I can't handle the pressure of creating a list! It's been gloomy and doomy over here in Colorado too. Today was our first day above 60 degrees in I don't know how many days. So we've done nothing fun over here.

    Since I can't make a list of the greatest things about my day or week, I will make a list of 5 questions for Catherine:

    1. Where do you work? You've mentioned "work" a couple times now. You don't have to name names; "sanitation engineer" works just fine.

    2. What's with the encyclopedia-reading juice box?

    3. Are you coming to the reunion next month?

    4. Where is Elder Bolton serving?

    5. I have no item 5. I am a tease.

  2. Here are my top 5 wonderful things about today!

    5. I only had to work half a day today.
    4. I spent the rest of the day with family and playing with my niece and nephew.
    3. I bought some really cute clothes with my wonderful mom!
    2. I beat my dad at the Wii, after he laid down some heavy trash talk.
    1. I saw my best friend from high school get married for time and all eternity! (well not really cause I can't go in the temple but you understand!)

    Today was a great and beautiful day! Loved your post too!

  3. Five Wonderful things about this week (month)
    1. I got to go to the temple 3 times in a week.
    2. My roses are blooming.
    3. First watermelon of the summer.
    4. The sun is shining (okay so this is only for one day, but I'll take it)
    5. Great sales on ice cream.

  4. Leslie Kay's top 5
    1. I read a cute blog from Catherine Cragun... a favorite person.
    2. My friend and I ran 4 miles today.
    3. It isn't raining here today... humidity is down too.
    4. I'm leaving for Utah tomorrow.
    5. ummm... I finished reading a book that I really enjoyed. "Eating Heaven."

  5. 1. My twin miracle babies were born this month (not my own).
    2. I was able to get out of bed to work out this morning.
    3. I started my new classroom as a Lead Teacher for the summer.
    4. I found the book that you wrote for me when I was engaged to Matt and I almost cried.
    5. I made the brightest cupcakes I've ever seen.

  6. Nate's Top Five things from the Day/Week/Month/Year/Eternity (not in order of importance):
    5. I shaved my ugly 4-week beard into a creepy, yet glorious, moustache. If you think this sounds disgusting, you are very right.
    4. I won, for the first time in my life, settlers of Catan the other day! And yes, I was playing against other college students, not nursery kids.
    3. New car. Mazda 3 Hatchback. Love, love, love driving it.
    2. Bought two new decks of cards. I love the feel of a fresh deck!
    1. Playing Frisbee almost every day for the last month, and finally winning at Disc Golf.
    There, are you pleased now Sister? :)

  7. 1. Hung out with Briggs Alsbury!
    2. Got to see Tom Bready open his mission call to Lancing, Michigan!!!
    3. Girl's night with my cousin, Chanice: watched a chick flick, went shopping, and ate ice cream!
    4. Went shopping at Gardner Village with my fabulous mom!
    5. Keeping busy with work at Hobby Lobby and taking piano lessons, as I have an awesome manager and piano teacher!

  8. Laurel and Jenny
    1. I am a housekeeper's assistant/stair vacuumer/ swifferer/ pillow fluffer extraordinaire
    2. that was a halloween costume my dad made for me and I used it as a prop for my speech class
    3. because the stairs will get dirty if i stay away too long, I probably wont be able to make it to the reunion, which makes me so sad, this will be the first reunion I will miss, and it looks so fun too!
    4. Elder Bolton is serving in The Nicaragua Managua mission. I have yet to figure out how the pouch mail works or dearelder
    5. You tease you!

  9. oooh, I like lists!
    1. my sister is starting to walk a bit
    2. it is boiling over here in england!
    3. I only have one exam left!
    4. I just had Ice cream for breakfast!
    5. my mutti bought me a maxi dress yesterday!