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#39 A teepee party

Long story short...

My friend owns a teepee.

It took me a few tries to figure out exactly how to spell teepee and I'm not sure I'm actually spelling it right.

Anyways, he has one. We set it up. We put a T.V. in that thing and watched movies while eating popcorn, brownies, and rootbeer floats.

Dreams. Come. True.


  1. Ooh, I slept in a teepee once. Minus all of the good food and add in a lot of spiders and cousins. It was fun.

  2. I remember a family reunion long ago when we had teepees and the boys had one and the girls had the other. I can't remember if we slept in them or if we were not allowed because we were too young?! I do remember playing in them though!

  3. Brooke I remember that too! That was the year Cousin Dave found the golfball and we played with it for like 3 straight hours. And also the year that there were like 5 people sitting on the picnic bench and it snapped and crashed to the floor. Does anyone else remember that? Anyone?