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#37 Because You asked, And I most likely love you

When I wrote this post the other day, I wasn't expecting the outpouring of inquiring comments (and by outpour I mean three comments) asking about my recent embarassing moment. Well my friends, Because I love my readers (thanks to you devoted 5 or so) I will indulge you on probably the most anticlimactic/unembarassing embarassing story you have ever heard (read?)

It all started the other day when my mom announced we had just recieved another 10 dollars of Kohls cash in the mail, and being the generous and caring mom that she is, and since I am the perfect daughter, she gave it to me.

I was already scheming all the things I could get with my 10 dollars as I rushed out the door to my (parents) bright red Achieva. Driving down the highway I noticed the gas light flick on in my sturdy, almost immortal, slightly superhero car. I pulled into a gas station, filled up the tank, and sped off to kohls where I wandered around in the bliss of knowing I was about to get something for quite a good deal. ( I sound like an advertisement) Anyways, after picking out a pair of work out capris for work, I hopped back into my car with a smile on my face, and consequently when all my favorite songs started playing on the radio, dancing and singing ensued, even if they were limited by my driving. When I got home I pulled into the driveway, only to look into one of my mirrors and notice something amiss.

The gas tank door was open.

Which to my horror meant I never shut it, which also meant I never put the gas cap on.

Oh the embarassment, Oh the shame. ( I told you it was lame) All that dancing and singing was all ignorant bliss. I trudged into my house, and immediately told my dad, who being the smart logical man that he is decided that we would go look for the gas cap.

We found it in the grass on a road near the gas station, sitting there all proud that it had been freed from its gas cap duties. (or so I imagine)

The End.

So? Worth it? Maybe. Embarassing? Not really. But as your faithful blogger, It is my duty to keep you informed.

over and out.


  1. Thank you for honoring our request. :) I am amazed that you found it!