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Ghost Post Weekend

Happy Friday Friends!

Before I forget, thanks to all my lovely friends who commented on this post! I had a blast reading them all. If you didn't comment, I have good news for you, It's never too late to spread the love around. Check out that post and leave your ideas.

Now back to business.

Ok so have you been counting? (probably not) Because I have! And guess what, there are only 2 months of summer left and I am not even half way to 101. Not to mention I was a slacker and didn't post any blogs this week. However, have no fear. I have a solution. You see, I have this bad habit of half writing a blog post and then not posting it, either because it is lame, or because I can't find the proper picture, or just because I never get around to it. So, I will be polishing up those ghost posts and setting them free into the world of blogdom. Hopefully it's fun and not too overwhelming. Don't forget to leave comments!

See ya around!

Love Love



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