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#11: Mother's day weekend post pt 1: Other Mothers

Throughout my life I have been blessed to know and look up to some wonderful women. I've taken these women to be my "second mothers" so to speak (even though there have certainly been more than two). I firmly believe that without the guidance of these women (along with my own mother, who you'll hear more about later) I would have probably ended up as one of those criminals you see on 20/20, or taking up a profession of stealing from the produce department at grocery stores around the country, or a professional cat declawer, something horrible like that. Since it's mothers day weekend, I thought I would give a little shout out to these women, especially since we get hootin and hollerin about our own mothers, and forget the other women who inspire us. So here goes, A special mothers day shout out to:

Brianna: Who always has words of wisdom, and helped me survive those awful middle school/high school days. Who is a captivating teacher, and makes Cajun food like a queen.

Caryn: Who continues to inspire me with her unfailing positive attitude and spirit of service. Who always makes me laugh. Who spent hours helping me fix up an english paper I had written my junior year of high school. Who I always took an extra hour after babysitting to talk to. And who I miss so much.

Joy: Who also inspires me with her spirit of service, her love of life, and her belief that you can buy a little piece of happiness for 79 cents at taco bell.

And to all my friends' mothers (Mary, Nancy, Robyn, Jane, and many more) who raised such wonderful kids, and let me come to your houses so many a time.

Happy Mothers Day to you all and thank you for everything!

And Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there.


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