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#5 Friday's Top Five

5. Target. Oh how I've missed you

4. New Giant Purse... only $5....

3. Chatting with my lovely SIL Nicole

2. Antiques and craftin with my pardner in crime Heather

1. Movies, laughs, and pudding with my newly toothless pal Corey (who is trying his best to make a silly face in this picture poor guy)


  1. Your top 5 has brought up 5 questions:

    5. Isn't there a Target in Provo?

    4. What does one put in a giant purse? I'm just packin' around money, keys, and chapstick in my small purse.

    3. No question on this one... you and Nicole are darn cute in this picture.

    2. What are y'all making here? And with antiques? Sounds interesting!

    1. What the heck happened to HIM? Was he punched in the jaw? Why is he now toothless? Please say wisdom teeth removal. Anything else will just be too darn sad.

  2. Laurel, Here are the answers to your questions:
    5. There was a Target in Provo but I didn't have a car really so I only went there a couple times. In Rochester there is a target just a few minutes from my house. It's basically my favorite place
    4. The possibilities are endless.
    3. Thank you!
    2. Heather and I made some rings with old buttons and headbands. I'll be sure and post pictures later!
    1. Although he claimed he got his wisdom teeth out, he is quite the street fighter, I have my theories.

  3. Am I really a top 5?!! I'm so happy you started this blog.

  4. Dear Nicole, Of course you made the top 5! Love, Catherine.

    (PS Matthew if I had talked to you on the phone you would have made the top five too, so no getting ideas!)