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# 16 Catherine and Mom's Excellent adventure

Ham, Brie, and Spicy mustard on a Baguette at the Nelson Creamery.

Ferry Boat on a Lake in Minnesota.

Rainbow over the Twin Cities

My Mommy-o and I love to go on adventures once in a while. We decided to go exploring Thursday, and it turned into a perfect day. Here are some highlights

1. Stopping in the cute little town of wabasha, where we laughed at the overpriced national eagle center, stopped in the Chocolate Escape which supposedly has the "best chocolate in the world" and also the "most confident salesman in the world" (However the chocolate was undeniably amazing, and the "endangered chocolate turtles" stole my heart upon first bite). We also picked up a few little treasures at an antique shop.

2. Crossing over the border into Nelson Wisconsin, where I had my first experience with Brie cheese (believe it or not) at the local Nelson Creamery. It was so incredible.

3. Heading back to Minnesota where we stopped into Red Wing, which is home to the worlds largest boot.

4. Stopping into Gerten's flowers, which is my mom's gardening mecca.

5. Swinging by Mall of America where we may or may not have gone shopping for some clothes.

6. Catching the most beautiful rainbow on the drive home. We could see both ends of the rainbow at one point (and if we were greedy, we probably could have found 2 pots of gold) and all the colors, for a while there was a double rainbow. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day with my cute mom.


  1. So that's what you were doing when I called. I love adventures. It sounds like so much fun. Matt and I will have to go exploring one of these weekends too, once we're in our house.