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# 26 Haley Amanda Johnson

Yesterday my beautiful friend/basically older sister Haley got married. She was the prettiest bride. (don't you agree?)

Here are some of my favorite things/memories of Haley.

- One time we had a surprise party for her, and boy was she surprised, in fact we scared her so bad she forgot how to go down stairs. Surprise Haley, we got you some fresh bruises!

- When my parents had their 25th anniversary they for some reason felt the need to go on a vacation to England... Without me! I mean come on, how rude! That aside, they did let me stay with Haley for those 2 weeks. It was a fun filled week. I ate wonderful Cajun food (Haley's mom is the best Cajun cook in the U.S.) I got to share clothes for the first time in my life (all brothers= no clothes sharing). I went and saw the midnight showing for a Harry Potter movie. And I basically got no sleep because let's be honest, it was merely and extended sleepover. Best two weeks ever!

- Haley was basically my older sister. Having all older brothers most of my growing up life, Haley introduced me to a lot of the "girl" world. (I.E. Make up, boys, nail polish, etc.)

- This girl always has the best advice, is always ready for a laugh, is simply amazing at being a friend, and is just one of those people who is incredibly refreshing to talk to.

Thanks Haley for being such a wonderful, patient, fun friend! I'm so proud of you! And I'm so happy for you and Mike!

(Isn't Mike just the luckiest guy?)


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