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#25 "Having fun isn't hard...

... When you've got a library Card!" (-Arthur)

Yesterday was a bright beautiful day to head to the library, so I grabbed my library card and a list of books ( some of them recommended by you) (And I would still love more recommendations!)

After arriving at the library I was surprised to run into my old High school friend Cody. He and I were in drumline together. He basically is the coolest kid I know. He is also a library employee. We chatted, he gave me some music recommendations, and then I was on my way.

I picked out a few books, but not too many. I don't have the best financial record when it comes to the library, so I decided to just get a few. After I finish my current book, I will get to work on the new accumulated pile! And, if I love the books, You might see them in a future post (foreshadowing)! Stay posted!


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