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#18 Cold on a stick

I wish that I could meet the saintly person who thought of the idea of putting Sweet Frozen Goodness on a stick. Seriously. Popsicles, Orangesicles, Creamsicles, Star Bars. I love them all. So today after I got home from a long day at work I threw out my blanket, filled my water bottle with fresh Ice water, grabbed a book, and pulled out a delicious frozen treat on a stick. I was in heaven.


  1. I recognize that book cover! Dear John right? That was SUCH a good book! :)

  2. You forgot to mention that you also brought your plant outside, like a crazy person... or maybe you were hoping people wouldn't catch onto that...


  3. Nathan, I brought my plant outside because I'm a caring person who has a heart, not because I am a crazy person.