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#12 Mothers Day Weekend Pt 2: Grandmothers

There is something special about Grandmothers. Maybe it's their wisdom, or years of experience, or maybe it's their superhero like abilities to be incredibly sweet and kind. Either way I know why they put the Grand in front of Grandmothers, it's like the black belt of motherhood. Lately I've been thinking about my two grandmothers, and boy do I think they meet the "grand" part of the job.

Grandma Cragun

Grandma Eddington

The other day while mowing the lawn, I was thinking about the traits I see in my Grammas that have been passed down into my own family. Both of my grandmothers have a wonderful sense of humor, a belief in hard work, a love and trust in God, and an amazing ability to bring family together. Where would I be without these two women who raised my parents, and taught them what life is all about. Happy Mothers day Grandma E. and Grandma C. I love you both so much.


  1. I feel really lucky to have Grandma Eddington as my grandma too. She was (and is) a wonderful mother. I admire that she raised 7 children, many of those years as a single parent. I admire her strength and fortitude!