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#23 Eric Cragun

If you were to ask me about my favorite memory of my brother Eric, I probably wouldn't be completely honest with you. I have lots of memories of Eric, but my favorite one might seem completely insignificant. If you asked for my favorite memory, I might tell you about the time that he told me (to my horror) that my dog J.D.'s lack of tail was directly related to the hot dog I just ate and I cried in my room while he begged to come in so he could apologize. I might tell you about the letters I got from Eric while he was on his mission all the way in Korea. I might tell you about the time I went to visit Eric in D.C. and he patiently listened to Michael Jackson's "Don't stop til you get enough" over and over again by my request (if I were being pun-ny I would say, we didn't stop til we got enough) . I might tell you about the time on Christmas eve when Eric dressed in his Elf costume and spread Christmas cheer to basically everyone in Southern Minnesota.

Anyway, if we ever have this conversation and I tell you one of those stories, or any others for that matter, don't believe me, I am lying. Because if I were telling the truth, I would tell you of this memory:

I am standing on the step that divides our kitchen from our living room, and Eric is standing a few feet away from me, and I can't quite remember but he is either dancing in some ridiculous way or serenading me with "Have I told you lately that I love you" by Rod Stewart.

And that my friends, is my brother Eric.

Oh boy do I love that kid!


  1. Do I comment too much on your blog? It's just so cute and easy to comment on. Sorry. Block me.

    I seem to remember a story about Eric coming to town to surprise you on a certain occasion. But I can't remember what the occasion was. Tell that story to us!

  2. Laurel, I must say, I love comments, I'm considering buying you a trophy since you comment so much. It makes my day everytime!

    Also Eric has this remarkable super power that gives him the ability to show up randomly.He has surprised my family like 4 times that I can think of. Once for my mom's birthday he arrived in the middle of the night, and me and my mom found him sleeping in our basement early the next morning while we were looking for my lost shoe. Once he just showed up at our door for Thanksgiving. Once I found him in our kitchen eating all our ice cream during my high school graduation weekend. And when I arrived in Ohio to meet my parents at Matthew and Nicole's house he was standing in their garage sawing tile.

  3. You should see his rendition of "Eveything I Do" by Bryan Adams.