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#55 Ode To Crest

Dearest reader,
I hate the dentist.
And sometimes, I feel like the dentist hates me.
It's ok.
We wont judge.
But it seems like everytime I go for a nice visit with that man he says mean things like:

"It looks like there is an occlusal on row B5 (because they call off teeth like battleship)"
And let's be serious, it's not like I don't know what the word occlusal means. It means I will be coming back to the dentist very very soon so he can set up an entire construction site in my mouth, complete with a jackhammer, bulldozer, and tape measurer.

So since my last playdate with the dentist didn't go over so well, I decided that I would step it up this time around. Anyways, I ended up buying this stuff:

And it was love. Love at first brush I tell you. And my dentist loved it too. No occlusals. Plus my pearly whites look extra pearly now.

I love that stuff.
Love love love.

That's all.


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