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#68 Artsy Fartsy


When it comes to me and my high school friends, we are artsy fartsy. Actually, let's be honest, they are artsy, I am well, I'll let you fill in the blank. I don't mind. I relish in the fact that I surround myself with talented people. So when we had our final get together of the summer (which was actually our second final get together of the summer) (which would make it the final final get together) (Ok I'm done) what was it that we were going to do? Artsy Fartsy stuff of course. We started off the night with a rousing game of Just Dance (which I highly recommend), then we went out to the garage where we all (all meaning everyone but me) (I'm the fartsy one remember) pulled out our canvases, and piles of brushes, and plethoras of paint. Luckily my friends took pity on my and let me use some of their stuff. Thanks pals. We all sat and talked while we painted and laughed. Then we put everyone's name in a hat, and each drew a name, and painted a picture for that person. I told you, Artsy.

To top it all off we trekked out to the firepit where we roasted marshmallows. Being the blogger that I am, I took out my small point and shoot camera and began snapping pictures. Next thing I knew, this happened.

And then this happened

Yes that's right. 3 big fancy cameras. Artsy fartsy I tell you.

Suddenly my poor little point and shoot couldn't compete.

And neither could the Fartsy picture I was so proud of...


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