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#54 Terms of Endearment

**Me and the older of the pooper scoopers

About a year ago, my brother came to me with a great concern. He was worried that our siblingship was not quite up to snuff when compared to another siblingship that he had witnessed.

Poppycock says you? Challenge says I.

So when he told me he was concerned because we didn't have cutesy nicknames for each other I was so on it. My other brother Christian caught right on, and soon enough, our siblingship communication went to a whole new level. We were unstoppable, inserting nicknames into everyday conversations so smoothly. It was all about timing. Soon, I was using terms of endearment in my regular conversations with friends and strangers alike. And so I give you, the top 15 terms of endearment, which, if well placed in conversations at home, with family, with friends, or in the workplace, can strengthen relationships and brighten your communication abilities. I guarantee it.

15. Puddin
14. Brosef/broham/broman
13. Sweet thang
12. Hotcakes
11. Loverbuns
10. Sugar
9. Gurrfriend/ G-friend (to be said with attitude)
8. Handsome
7. Babycakes
6. Shorty/Shawdy
5. Good Lookin
4. Poopy/pooper/pooper scooper
3. Pooh Bear
2. Pooky
1. Shnookums


  1. I remember a time when we were angsty teenagers and you hated it when I called you "sister-bear". I swear that it was in good humor.

  2. This is by far my favorite post :)