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#56 Bob's Barbeque

Last Saturday a friend of mine had some Barbeque, and for the rest of the weekend he couldn't seem to stop bringing it up.

So of course we had to try it. We hopped in the car and sped down the road to Bob's Barbeque in the small town of Elgin Minnesota. Little did we know that Bob's Barbeque was also awarded the best barbeque in all of Minnesota. We were so Naive.

We all got the ribs. They were finger lickin good. Let me repeat, finger lickin good. And the meat practically fell off the bone. Smother that with the most deliciously smoky sweet sauce possible and you have created heaven on a piece of red checked wrapper.

Here we are smelling our fingers. Why you ask? Well try eating some ribs with the most heavenly sauce known to man and then not smelling your fingers. Try it. I dare you.


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