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#52 The Truth About August

Ok so let's be honest.

I hate August.

Now hold on. I know what you're thinking. This is a blog about love and stuff. None of this hating. But hear me out.

August is like the long wind down of summer. The whole month of August I just sit there and think "It's August" And there is that awkward confusion because you are half excited for a new school year, and half dreading the end of summer. And then all the back to school advertising starts, and you just want to cry because you remember that you have to go back to school.

This year, I'm stressing out about all the things on my summer to do list that I have yet to do this summer... Books to read, stuff to cook, crafts to make, blogs to post etc.

Now in case you think I'm all moan and groan about August, I'm not. Here is the list of the top things I like about this month. Give her a look see.


1. Colorado peaches

Ok so maybe the list is short. But I look forward to the masses of Colorado peaches that make their way to Minnesota every august.

Dear Colorado Peaches,
I love you.

And so August, you got lucky, if it weren't for your abundance of sweet juicy peaches that come in giant crates, you might loose your legitimacy as a month in my book.

Can I get an amen?

Now it's your turn...
Do you hate August? Do you love August? Leave me some comments.


  1. Colorado peaches? Really? I've never heard of this thing. And I LIVE in Colorado! Huh. Where are all the peach trees? I see nothing but prairie out my window.

  2. Laurel, You must find the orchard where they produce those glorious things. It will change your life!

  3. August = I get to see you!

    Clearly, I love August!

  4. I use to live in Colorado and the peaches there have nothing on a good Brigham City Utah peach!

  5. Eh- I'm not so sure how I feel about August anymore. It's here, I'm still working. It's hot, really hot. But I do get a week off in August, so, I guess I'll keep it.