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#60 The Last of the Brohams

I hope none of you were worried that I forgot about My brother Christian.

Did you know that I have a tender spot in my heart for that brother o' mine?

Christian and I used to get in all sorts of trouble when we were little. Usually I would do something annoying, and he would tease me, and I would cry, and mom would use her discipline words, and Christian would get in trouble. I know, but don't feel too bad for me.

Christian and I became best of friends the summer before he left for college. He would let me follow him everywhere. To the library, to the store, to the library again. He let me steal all of his music. He came to a few of my tennis matches. He bragged about my ability to make cookies which always made me feel like a bajillion bucks. Let's just cut to the chase, this kid was awesome.

Besides brothering, Christian has many other awesome superpowers. He is a stellar photographer. A stupendous actor and director and drama teacher (or will be when he graduates). He is the jokester of the family. And last but not least, he can grow a facelump with the best of 'em.

Oh how I love this kid.


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