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#71 Reunited

Hey reader.

Are you smiling? Of course you are. Am I smiling? Of course I am. Do you want to know why? Of course you do. And I will tell you.

It is because at this moment, I am sitting on my very favorite couch, in my very favorite apartment in ALL of the United States. Do you want to know why it is my favorite apartment in all the United States?

I'll tell you.

Other than the fact that is has the most comfortable sinky couches on all of BYU campus, and is usually full of Scott's famous fresh baked bread (which is hands down the best fresh baked bread in the universe) it is also the home to my brother Christian, which means that I am with my brother Christian. Doesn't the universal happiness that seemed to fill the world today make sense now? Of course it does.

P.S. Nathan, you and your skinnies better hurry back from D.C. or I will bust a cap.


  1. CUTE picture! I remember when you both looked like that. I love it.

    Glad you made it to Provo safely. (Read: that no escaped convicts hijacked your car at a truck stop.) You made good time from Nebraska!